Fulfillene Intimate Moisturizer

Fulfillene Intimate Moisturizer

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Skin is our largest organ; it is our shield against elements! In addition to losing collagen, skin also starts to lose elastin, a protein that provides skin with the ability to stretch, have flexible elasticity that can “snap back”, and maintain moisture.  Elastin is found in the connective tissue of the skin’s dermis layer. There are many things that can affect our overall skin integrity and health; however, Fulfillene has developed a topical formulation based on the pathophysiology of the peptides, amino acids, and chemistry that helps restore and maintains skins elasticity and a healthy state.

Skin noticeably starts to lose its elasticity and moisture in your early 30’s and particularly the first 5 years of menopause, when skin loses over 30% of its collagen

Intimate skin is the most sensitive skin on a woman’s body, as we age, just like the skin on our face, it loses elasticity, moisture, and overall integrity of its health.   Granted, we like to help decrease wrinkles, and restore its cellular chemistry, its actually normal to have “ plump wrinkles in and out vulva and vagina”,  we want the vulvar and vaginal skin to be plump, soft, and moisturized.  If a woman has dry irritated skin, sex is not desirable, and most of all it affects her quality of life.

Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer is very unique and specifically has been formulated with pure clean ingredients that have a patent-pending proprietary formulation with a peptide module complex, amino acids, proteins, and nutrients that are therapeutic, restorative, and protect intimate skin; it provides glide, it soothes, moisturizes, builds collagen, and helps restore and regulate skin to its healthy state.  It was formulated based off the vulvo-vaginal ecosystem, maintaining pH and osmolality of the tissue. 

While this product can be used by anyone, it was formulated for women with the most sensitive skin.

It is multi-use and can be used as a daily moisturizer, pre-during and post intercourse

Direction for use: Apply with fingertips vulvar skin daily, or other intimate areas to moisturize and balance. May be used before-during-after intercourse for comfort and a soothing experience. 


Pure, clean ingredients scientifically formulated with a patent-pending proprietary formulation for the most sensitive skin, water-based, Parabens free, no animal testing, no added fragrance, naturally pH-balanced.  Reclaims the awakening of the mind, body, and spirit. 

The rich blend of pure essential patent-pending ingredients was formulated based on the vulvar-vaginal ecosystem, science of the skin, supporting vaginal pH and osmolality for optimizing quality of the formulation to provide therapeutic, restorative, and protective properties for vulvar/vaginal skin maintenance: 

-May help Aid in Naturally Stimulating production of collagen for vulvar and vaginal skin

-May help Aid in Anti-Inflammatory Protection of the Skin

-May help Aid with Firming and Plumping Skin

-May help Aid in Restoring Moisture and Hydration of the Vulvar and Vaginal skin

-May help Aid in Increasing Blood Flow and Oxygenation to the Skin

-Probiotic Ingredients may help Maintains Normal pH of the Vaginal Mucosa, and Decrease Odor

-Provides a Soothing and Sensual Experience with intimacy/intercourse